I Wouldn't Drive Under There If I Were You!!!

This picture was found on http://www.hilariousheadlines.com/talk/hilarious-humor.html and I have no idea who thought it would be ok to continually let traffic through in this area....maybe it is the only way in/out of a community but it seems pretty risky to me! There is no way you would ever catch me driving under that!

Men Vs. Women

ok, I just found out a new Trivial Pursuit  game Men vs. Women....Let's see who will prevail! You must check this out courtesy of you tube.

Always Beware of Electrical Cords!

This brings to mind something my mother always told me....don't expose electrical cords to water IT COULD BE DANGEROUS!!  I am just saying, I don't think this can end well.

How to rid yourself of a rotting whale carcas.

Now not every day are you faced with a question such as this "how do I get rid of a 45 food, 8 ton, rotting whale that washed up onto the shore?" Some people might suggest dragging it back out to sea where it could sink down to the bottom of the water and decay naturally. Others may perhaps suggest it be cut up and "recycled" wherever it's pieces could be used....but not these group of people. They believed if they packed it full of enough dynamite that they could actually disintegrate the carcass into nothing, or perhaps they thought the pieces would be small enough to more easily manage. In any case they were wrong, way wrong.